21 August 2007


在北京天安門萬人倒數奧運一周年前一天,40 多位著名中國知識分子,向全世界發出了一封《同一個世界,同一個夢想,同樣的人權》的呼籲信。這宗新聞,少數本地傳媒稍有提及,但顯得極不重視,如果不是《明報》和《亞洲週刊》全文刊登,除非有心上網尋找,否則跟本無法讀到。香港傳媒那種自動自覺的自我審查,愈來愈嚴重,又是另一明證。

公開信由異見作家劉曉波起草,信件發出後,劉被北京公安約談。聯署者包括天安門母親丁子霖、張先玲, 「六四」被拘禁的異見人士陳子明,維權律師浦志強,維權人士胡佳,禁書《如焉》作者胡發雲,著名法律學者于浩成、徐友漁,還有知名劇作家沙葉新,與建制關係密切的作家戴晴都有簽名。





明報 2007-08-21

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Anonymous said...


1. Human right in China is an ongoing battle. The current generation 4/5 is still not as open as we like to be. We need more international voice to talk about the predatory act when China recruits / confisicates land for building Olympics stadium. We need more balance voice like you to provide feedback and inform general public. The time will come that PRC leader will recognise they need to be live up with international's level in human right in order to become a significant global player.

2. Many people (not just Chinese) carries too much emotion when discuss, advocate -- they have grievance, unbalance. Majority Chinese are emotion including myself as we felt disturbed that China was about to do a major event which they share the glory but was interrupted by Tibet, human right activist. Like one of the Chinese 人權 organsation executive in toronto have a good analogy -- it's like if your mother is not cooking good, you have no problem but you will have problem when someone critizes your mother's cooking

There is no right or wrong. As much as we agree Tibetan and human right activist to show their unbalance in agreesive way (as human right commandment #19 freedom of expression), we need to appreciate or tolerate people writing to you as "traitor" etc. It feels annoying but no need to take personal as long as you feel strongly about what you are commenting

we live in world of respect but unfortunately some people falls short.

3. some feedback from your comment in mingpao 副刊 (toronto May 3 2008edition) regarding email feedback in "english" sound 優越感. I can't speak for them. But for those overseas Chinese like me for example, I don't know how to type Chinese. The chinese character here is copied "translate.live.com"

keep up your good work.